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Oct 25, - It's purpose is to flush out any leftover urine that might still be in your penis, as the acid in urine kills sperm. It is also coating the tube in your penis. The pre-ejaculate fluid is very slippery and that makes sure that when you do ejaculate, most of the semen comes out. Finally, the excess coats the glans of your. When your penis is leaking 'semen' | Health24 Kaiya. Age: 20. With me, you are in the right lady, when it comes to sensitive moments together You found this helpful. Skip to main content. Oct 13, - Also i have done plenty of intercourse before that and every time when i do intercourse continuously for around hours, inserting my penis into her genital - we both are able to enjoy a lot but sperm I cannot say for sure but think that this may release the sperm more slowly, ie, it leaks out so no 'spurt'. Pussykat. Age: 22. Hey guys I'm located in South Beach but will travel all over Florida to see you! Lets meet up for fun and entertainment! I can come to you or you can come to me;) Ask the Expert Mar 24, - I'm guessing you're referring to a blocked ejaculation. Where the end of the penis is blocked off right at the point of ejaculation using an object (such as a shot glass) or even a thumb. Sometimes called ruined orgasm, sometimes called thumbing. Sperm comes out immediately after I ejaculate inside the vagina. When i shake my penis sperms come out please tell me that it have any effect or not?-Its normal and stop doing that excessive masturbation may have been the.

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Chlo. Age: 28. Smart and sexy companion Oct 24, - My issue is that after the intercourse as soon as my husband takes out his penis the sperms also come out. Y does this happen? Can I still conceive? I keep a. Sep 22, - Some people call it pre-cum. Pre-ejaculate -- a clear, thin fluid -- appears from the penis when a man becomes sexually aroused, and can come from the penis at the start or arousal or erection, during some sexual activities, as well as before a full ejaculation. It's secreted by the Cowper's glands. It exists to.


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