Fnar field strip

High Def version video showing the stripping down of my FNAR, including removal of the bolt for cleaning. Cleaning My FNAR | The High Road Callie. Age: 25. JEANIE What you gain with the NM is a hooded rear sight and a bedded stock. Aug 9, - pulinet.info?v=22XHIXcrCFNAR field combination strip tools info needed. Nasia. Age: 29. IF YOUR SEEKING THE ULTIMATE PLAYMATE Cleaning My FNAR Jun 30, - I have an FNAR (semi-auto, sub MOA, shoots win and x51) that I keep scruplously (OK, almost obsessively) clean. I was taught to clean a rifle while at OCS at Quantico (had it literally beat into my skull). The procedure was fairly simple - field strip the rifle, run oily patches down the muzzle til oneĀ  Any FNAR fans out there? Jun 5, - One other issue with the FNAR over the AR series of rifles is take down and cleaning. The AR's come apart for cleaning just like any other AR rifle. They can be effortlessly disassembled and cleaned in minutes. The pulinet.info it! The gun is an absolute nightmare to field strip andĀ  This seems like a good deal! FN FNAR.

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Sofia. Age: 21. ? +33754400494 back before bob got fired from their cs manager position, he told me not to worry about voiding the warranty. and im not sure but a field strip on the fnar? how far could you strip one before going too far? based on the videos of how to strip it, im not sure. unless one was trying to remove the fcg? your guess is. Battle rifles can be field stripped in the field. Hunting rifles? Borrow someone else's rifle or call it a day and strip it on your bench. FN also makes the SCAR 17H, but you'll pay 2x or more than the FNAR to get one. You can do a basic cleaning of an FNAR without removing the bolt, but if you feel like you. Jun 8, - Always breach to muzzle, always. I don't know anything about the FNAR, but surely there is a way to field strip it so that you can go breach to muzzle with relative ease. I purchased my first AR when I was 18 and didn't know that you could pop one pin and clean correctly, but it didn't take me long to figure.


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